Monday, July 13, 2009

Writerly Reflections

So here I am, sitting in a restaurant in Manchester, NH, by myself and, with no one to talk to, I've come to a few realizations about my book.

The first was a small one--that I could write a story with a thriller aspect despite the fact that I don't really read thrillers or mysteries in general. Will it be easy? I imagine some aspects will be and others will be quite difficult. That is a challenge I want to take on and I will succeed.

My next realization makes sense but a part of me is crying a little inside. My beloved hero is going to have to be my creeper stalker guy. I would love to make him the love interest but he makes much more sense as a potential to figure out if he is too obvious as the threat.

My first day on my trip and I've been productive....not in pages, but in thought. Okay, so it's not as good as actual page count, but it's a start. Cut me some slack. I've been up since 3 am. I also discovered a few other things about my other characters and decided writing this book set in Minneapolis wouldn't be so bad after all. All in all, I'm pleased with my progress. Tomorrow, you can expect a page count.


PS: I'm about 8 hours from DC. If someone would be willing to let me crash in their hotel room I would be willing to make the drive.....


  1. First -- everyone loves the author who gives us that antagonist we love to hate/hate to love. Make him the killer, make us hate him, make us love him, anyway.

    Second -- sometimes it's good if your killer is too obvious. It'll throw your reader off. "Oh, no, it couldn't be that stalker creeper -- he's TOO obvious."

    Third -- We're at the Marriot for RWA National. All are welcome.

  2. D, When are you passing through New Jersey if you haven't already? Maybe we could meet for a meal.

    Gary . . .