Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's the Business, Bizz-Nass

I wish I could post a story, or an equally impressive writerly rambling, but my creative brain is fried from a week relaxing in Mexico (ahhhh). Instead, I wanted to post a business question to all of my writer/reader friends out there.

We've heard a lot about marketing ourselves before we're published. Many people point to such websites at Kelly St. John's (, which was super popular before she was published. Is this something with which we should concern ourselves? Should I try to get as many hits on my website as possible? Thoughts?

Off to celebrate the 4th... Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.



  1. If you market yourself before you're widely published, you have a ready-made audience for when you do get published. New books are on bookstore shelves only for a short period; if you don't have buyers you can send to the stores when your book hits the shelves...

    For a great example of using Facebook to market yourself, friend horror writer Douglas Clegg. People you're in contact with are more likely to buy new stuff when it comes out.

  2. Be an expert she said... I'm an expert in procrastination, teaching social studies, and walkalemia. I think it wouldn't hurt! I am all for it as long as I can still mow my two lawns.

  3. Douglas Clegg -- done!

    That's what worries me about pre-marketing. Procrastination. It's so much easier to work on my website or Facebook page than it is to write...

  4. Look, this is all well and good, but what if you'll need to use a pseudonym, but you don't yet know what that pseudonym will be?

  5. Okay, I know Harry Limes is taken, but you could come up with something equally clever, Matt. Or do what Donna did and change the spelling of your name JUST enough where no one could be SURE it was you.

    And Natt, I completely agree about the procrastination factor. I will do anything to NOT write what I'm supposed to be writing. For example, I should be working on some stalker fiction that I need to complete in a timely manner...instead, I've begun a story on this blog that has some wicked potential and is more interesting to me...hmmm.

    I think Blogging may actually be one of the devil's tools. I'm completely addicted now.

  6. I read an article somewhere (browsing my history now to find it for you) that talks about the best way to "market" yourself before you are published. And the gist of it was to just have a regular internet presence. For some, just a well updated blog is enough. Though it's good to try an leave your name with your website address on other blogs when you comment so people who read it can go right to your site.

    I don't think having a lot of hits means much. There was a section about internet phenomena (like the numa numa guy) that having a big spurt earlier on, can wipe out the possibility of people wanting to come back for more. I know that I recognize names of authors that I might have seen a comment on Shocklines or authors' sites that I may have visited once. And if I like the what they said there as just any other random internet viewer, I'm more likely to give their book a shot over someone I've never heard of in any fashion.