Thursday, July 9, 2009

Question to Our Readers

For those of you out there with published novels, I'm curious how you decided upon the publishing path you're on. Self-published, POD, ePublished, small press, small house, or traditional agent/publisher...People choose different paths to get their works published. What made you choose yours? Had you tried traditional publishing and it didn't work out or had you decided to go an alternative route from the beginning?

I'm always interested to hear how and why people publish the way they do. Ask your published friends and tell them to stop over with their answers.


Gary . . .


  1. I chose small press (print) for two reasons: 1) to build my marketing platform for when I sell to bigger fish; and 2) because the two particular books I sold aren't marketable in NY, but I didn't think they'd sell as ebooks.

    I'll be interested to read why other authors made the choices they did. :)

    Jacquie Rogers

  2. Hi, Gary,

    A great question.

    Not being agented limited my choices. St writers' meetings, my small press' name kept coming up more and more, especially for debut novelists. They also had a submission line for my book (sweet romance) and the feedback I'd gotten from authors who'd worked with my press was very positive. My first-time down the editing road has been wonderful; chances are I'm spoiled for the next time.

    Having said that, I would consider doing things differently if I could. (Hindsight is 20/20, right?) I submitted my finished ms and accepted a contract, not realizing that the book's sequel doesn't necessarily fit submission guidelines, and I'm too stubborn to write the story differently, especially since it's meant to segue to a third novel. I also assumed I needed an agent for Harlequin's Next line, where my sequel would have fit well, but Harlequin reportedly doesn't publish sequels unless they published the book that precedes it. So now I'm looking for an agent who can help me find a home for book two.

    Since, however, I believe things always work out as they should (and I've yet to finish draft one of curreent wip anyway) I'm not getting to crazy over my choices. Rather, I'm learning to promote and getting excited about my debut novel's release on January 15, 2010!

    Joanna Aislinn
    The Wild Rose Press