Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The return....

After several months of inactivity, I, and I suspect the others listed as authors, are ripe for a return to Project 4word. Several us recently attended the In Your Write Mind writing retreat held at Seton Hill University and while this year's retreat was successful, the next year shows incredible promise.

In years past, the event was attended by Alumni of the university's Writing Popular Fiction M.F.A. program. However, next year we're hoping to move the retreat up to the next level. We've massaged the name to the In Your Write Mind Workshop and added an additional track (business modules and craft modules) for attendees.

If the business meeting is any indication, the Write Mind Workshop is going to be stunning. I can't wait.....

Oh, right.

I won't be able to attend because I'll be in the middle of getting the F added to my M.A. Unless I work some JUJU magic that will allow me to take my residencies in January terms....all depends on when I'm supposed to graduate.


Anyway, I wanted to take a moment and tell my co-authors that they will be missed for the next 6-12 months until I see them again. And for those of you who were not present at the Retreat or residency (Gary, AG, Jill) ....you were missed.

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